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Accurately Engineered Laboratory Equipment

SUNRISE LAB SOLUTION is the name that is taken with utmost conviction when it comes to Manufacturing, Supplying and Exporting a proven range of Laboratory Testing Equipment. Our range of equipment is precisely engineered for high durability and effectual performance and is highly appreciated by clients worldwide.

Accurately Engineered Laboratory Equipment



SUNRISE LAB SOLUTION is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company based in Ambala Cantt (Haryana). The company has successfully ventured into the sector of Manufacturing, Supplying and Exporting of Laboratory Testing Equipment. The company is dealing in Physics Laboratory Equipment, Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Equipment, Biotechnology Equipment, Environmental Equipment, Pharmacy Equipment, Agriculture Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Medical Equipment, Microscopes, Laboratory Glassware, and so on. Over the course of time, the company has earned a huge clientele, both at the domestic fronts and in foreign countries.

Adopting ethical business practices, the company has carved a niche as one of the trustworthy Laboratory Testing Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. The accuracy and reliability of the equipment has attracted various Export Houses, Colleges, Engineering Colleges, Universities, Industries, Food Grain Departments, Forest and Soil Testing Labs and Foreign Markets etc. to place repeated orders. We have appointed an efficient team of Engineers & Technicians to look after the specific requirements of the clients and make innovations in the equipments as per the feedbacks provided. Last but not the least, meeting the exact expectations of the clients, we have gained an edge over similar other products in the market and have outpaced our competitors in all respects.


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Physics Laboratory Equipment : Boyle's Law Apparatus | Newton's Color Disc | Young's Modulus Apparatus | Engine Model | Inclined Plane | Spectrometer | Universal Force Table | Van De Graaff Generator | Wave Motion Apparatus | Worm Wheel

Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Equipment : Metacentric Height Apparatus | Universal Vibration Apparatus | Hydraulic Bench Apparatus | Heat Transfer Lab | Ice Plant Test Rig | Refrigeration Test Rig | Motorized Gyroscope | Pelton Wheel Turbine | Separating and Throttling Calorimeter

Biotechnology Equipment : Abbe Refractometer | BOD Incubator | Deep Freezer | Hot Air Universal Oven | Lyophilizer | Micro Refrigerated Centrifuge | Muffle Furnace | Orbital Shaking Incubator | Research Polarimeter | UV Transilluminator | Vertical Autoclave | Water Bath Incubator Shaker

Environmental Equipment : Biological Safety Cabinet | Laminar Air Flow Cabinet | Humidity Cabinet | Environmental Chamber | Plant Growth Chamber | Stability Chamber | Dehumidifier | Fume Hood | Tissue Culture Hood | Tissue Culture Rack

Pharmacy Equipment : Digital Disintegration Test Apparatus | Digital Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus | Water Distillation Apparatus | Ball Mill | Wiley Mill | Double Cone Blender | Epidiascope | Kymograph | Lister Perimeter | Perfusion Assembly | Spirometer | Sterility Test Unit | Student Organ Bath | Tablet Making Machine

Agriculture Equipment : Computerized Seed Counter | Digital Grain Moisture Meter | Seed Grain Moisture Meter | Seed Grader | Paddy De Husker | Seed Analysis Kit | Seed Germinator

Industrial Equipment : Automatic Polarimeter | Cryostat Microtome | Digital Abbe Refractometer | Digital Bomb Calorimeter | Digital Flame Photometer | Hand Refractometer | Kinematic Viscosity Bath | Michelson Interferometer | Vacuum Oven

Medical Equipment : Automatic Tissue Processor | Blood Bank Refrigerator | Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer | Mortuary Chamber

Microscopes : Binocular Microscope | Dissection Microscope | Fluorescence Microscope | Inclined Metallurgical Microscope | Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope | Medical Pathological Microscope | Projection Microscope | Student Microscope | Toolmakers Microscope | Trinocular Research Microscope

Laboratory Glasswares : Beakers | Desiccators | Erlenmeyer Flasks | Imhoff Cone | Kipps Gas Generator | Measuring Cylinder | Membrane Filter Assembly | Petri Dishes | Separating Funnels | Volumetric Flasks

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